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My name is Oscar Mendoza. I’m a photographer and marketer born, raised, and based in Los Angeles, CA. 

I was drawn to photography ever since my early childhood, but it wasn’t until high school that I picked up a camera and took a black and white printing class that I began to really take it seriously. My life has taken some interesting directions since then, but I always end up back with a camera in hand. At the present moment, I’m interested in authentic and genuine emotions coming from my subjects, be they human, animal, flora, or otherwise. My work is inherently about my personal connection with the world around me. I process my thoughts, dreams, thoughts on love and adoration all through the lens of my camera.

As for my “Work,” I take a colorful, joyful approach to events, food, brand work, you name it. I aim to make images that standout from the standard trends we see on a daily basis. While not far removed from the approach of light and color, it is clear after a quick glance that I imbue a different sense of respect within my photographs. Looking for help? Feel free to reach out!

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Oscar M.
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